A must use photo editing technique for almost every industry – products, food, jewelry and more. Clipping path service traces those parts of the image that you need, and isolates it from everything else.

Despite being done using software, it needs the precision of a sculptor to mark perfectly. Because when the image is blown up, even the smallest of blemishes sticks out like a sore thumb.

At Astral Art Studio we have a team of specialist Clipping Path artists who have spent years with just this one, but a significant aspect of photo editing.

Clipping path service is just one part of the photo editing workflow. A lot of work goes through after that, like giving a drop shadow effect, mirror effect and several more, depending on the purpose of your image.

If you are a professional photographer shooting products, jewelry, clothing etc in different lights, and require to remove background, which was just a prop for the lighting, our team at Astral Studio is ready to help. If you are a student working on a project which requires you have loads of images on a white background, once again, we are here.