It’s the time of the internet, and now it has come to the palm of our hands. Not all photographs are printed in gigantic sizes. From online banners to screensavers, mobile wall papers to facebook albums, welcome to photography appreciation 2.0.

It’s absolutely vital for your image to be internet ready. When it goes online, a web optimized image loads faster, making it easy for people to access your image, irrespective of the bandwidth they are in. You can easily share your work with more people across the world, minimizing communication time. We are living in the times of having no time, and here only the fastest survive!

By digitizing, we mean making your photograph lighter and fitter to exist and make waves in the virtual world. But not at the cost of making it look dull, or compromising it’s finer details.
Which is why it goes more than just resizing. And, which is why there is a dedicated team at Astral Art Studio who optimize your images for the web, while retaining their magic.

Be it websites, banners, or digital catalogues. Be it mobile wallpapers, or app designs, you can take a breath and leave your image* under the expert care of our team to carefully prep it up to face the digital world.