We bring out and accentuate the essence of your photograph through professional Photo editing service. Crop out unwanted elements, erase blemishes, create perfect backdrops – just about anything that is required for the image to communicate its purpose. To successfully alter an image, we use a variety of techniques like photo editing, photo retouching, photo restoration, clipping path or deep etching technique, creating vector logos out of images, digitizing photographs, getting the panorama effect through image stitching, color correction etc. Every image used professionally undergoes image editing in some form.

At Astral Art Studio, apart from a bouquet of services, we also provide photo editing itself as an independent service. This is what you should go for, if you are exactly sure about what you want from the image and have specific requirements, as it saves you money and importantly, time. If you just wanted the car in the background eliminated, or for that matter, the irritating photo bomber who did a “this is sparta!” in the background of your otherwise perfect pre-wedding photo-shoot, we would just do that and not touch anything else to alter the moment. A little adding here, a little deleting there, a touch of brush here and a caress of a mask there, with our expert photo editing services, your raw image becomes as perfect as it should be.