Memories from the years gone by, before the digital era, are so precious. The photograph of your grandparents on the day of the wedding, or your grand uncle scoring the winning goal for his local football club – the single photograph stands testimony to the legacy our loved ones have left us. Also, old photographs remind us of our connection and bind us closer to our ancestors and make us feel proud of our lineage.

But unfortunately, such photographs, being physical and material in form, aren’t immune to the wear and tear caused by nature and time. Tears, creases, damage caused by moisture or moulds and several factors contribute to the decay and eventual destruction of precious moments frozen in time. It becomes absolute necessary to repair old photos, that’s where we bring in our photo restoration service to review your special moment, your memory.

At Astral Art Studio, our specialist restoration artists repair any kind of damage (even if your photograph is in pieces!) and restore old photographs to its former glory. You need not part with your slice of history, you just have to scan it and upload it to us! And we suggest you read this “how to scan a damaged photograph guide” before you scan.