“I’d like to retouch my whole life” quipped the legendary British Pop Singer Dusty Springfield.

While real life doesn’t give us a chance to go back into the past and fine tune it, thankfully, your photographs have that option.

Simply put, photo retouching removes dust spots or blemishes, removes unwanted elements, or adds new elements to enhance the image and preps it up for final presentation.

The techniques can be elaborate, subtle, or downright dramatic. But every single image you see in advertising campaigns, including the “Real Beauty” ones have undergone digital photo enhancements and photo retouching like dust removal or sharpening.

And here, it’s not just the skill of the image retouching artist. You too have to develop the skill to choose the right artist for the job! A beauty or model retouching specialist might not be right for a product shot and car retouching specialists are in a different zone altogether and surely not right for baby photos!

Which is why at Astral Art Studio, we have handpicked our team of artists from varied backgrounds. We assign your job to a “specialist photo retouching artist” who understands not just aesthetics, but your industry requirements as well.

If you have a photo retouch service requirement, feel free to request for a free sample.